Essential Oil Bee Sting Remedies


Getting stung by a bee can hurt, especially for smaller children. Knowing how to naturally treat a bee sting is very important and will help stop swelling and pain. The next time you or a loved one has a bad run in with bees, try using natural essential oils for bee stings. Once you have removed the stinger you can apply a cold compress while you prepare your oils. You can use a few drops of chamomile and peppermint. Apply them to a cotton ball and place on the bee sting. Hold it in place with a bandage and keep it on for at least fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, remove the bandage and cotton ball. If there is still swelling or pain repeat until the swelling has gone down. How long it takes will depend on the severity of the bee sting. Other essential oils like peppermint and wintergreen can be used in place of the camomile.